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false historical facts

False Historical Facts That You Still Believe In

There are some things that you learned from school that probably caught on for the rest of your life. Like Einstein invented gravity or some other stuff. Bragging about these […]

Movies To Watch With Girl

5 Movies You Absolutely Need To Watch With Your Girlfriend

What’s a better solution after a hard-day’s quarrel with your girl other than to lay back and watch movies with her. I didn’t believe it at first, but heck. It’s […]


Crazy Products That Are Being Sold in Amazon Part 1

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos was crowned as the richest guy in the world this year. (Sorry, Billy.) There’s no surprise here because we all love to shop at Amazon. You […]

10 Common Misconceptions You Probably Believed In

False knowledge, misconceptions and superstitions have always been here with us from the start of time. If you don’t believe me, you can read our blog about the products that […]

Useless Body Organs

5 Obsolete Organs In Our Bodies That Serve No Function

Throughout the course of human evolution, there are some parts of our bodies that remains super important to us. Like our brain, heart, liver, stomach and kidney just to name […]

5 Deadliest Products That We Thought Were Beneficial

History has always thought us that there are still times that we find a way to screw things up. For instance, back in the Middle Ages when the Bubonic Plague […]

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