About Chronically Biased

Today, when everything gets twisted by the media and the powers that be, it’s really hard to know what’s happening around here.

Here at Chronically Biased, we will give you our dauntless point of view in every story around the world. We are here to cover topics that nobody else would dare to dive in.

Society issues, religion, conspiracies and utterly stupid rumors. We got it all covered for you.

We are NOT “Conspiracy Theorists”. We base our claims using our wit and logic.

Back in the day, Radium and other poisonous elements can be legally used and even marketed as “Beauty Enhancers”. Heroin was used as a cough suppressant. Cigarettes was marketed as a throat soother by the doctors. Yes, the doctors.

What we are trying to say is, research first and trust your gut instinct when determining the facts from fiction. Don’t believe in everything that the Media gives to you.

As I said before, we are not “Conspiracy Theorists” and neither “Devil Worshipers”.

We didn’t create this site just to offend everyone that doesn’t think like us. Quite the opposite. We just want you to think and open your mind.

The knowledge in this universe is infinite. It’s up to us to absorb it.

Stay tuned for our latest articles and contact us for some requests and suggestions.