Crazy Products That Are Being Sold in Amazon Part 1

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos was crowned as the richest guy in the world this year. (Sorry, Billy.)

There’s no surprise here because we all love to shop at Amazon.

You can find literally anything and everything there.

Products that are helpful likeĀ copper knee braces and copper elbow sleeves. Ones that are fun like the fidget spinner and ones that are completely crazy like the ones that are the primary focus of this post.

So, in this list, we will count down all the craziest and most bizarre products that are currently being sold in Amazon right now.

Weird Products on Amazon

We’ve all seen the worst of the worst in our previous lists, which you can visit here and here. But here’s some awesome stuff that you can buy on Amazon. By awesome, I mean that it’s completely weird.

The Beard Beanie

Want to look like a pedophile or a wacko while feeling warm? Well, you got your problem solved!

There are a ton of designs to choose from. From the Santa looking one to the lumberjack looking one.

I can’t think of a reason why anyone would buy this except for a joke or a gag gift. In that case, this product ranks amongst my most sought-after gag gifts this coming Christmas.

But still looks weird as dookie when you see one of your friends wearing this.

The Boyfriend Pillow

Single, but you want someone to cuddle during those cold winter nights?

Here’s the perfect product for you!

Introducing, the Boyfriend Pillow! The answer to all your sleeping problems.

Comes in Brawny, Skinny and Regular. Surely the gals will enjoy this! NOT!

Glow in The Dark Toilet Paper

Glow in the dark TP
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Mother of All TP.

I know you experienced this before.

Your tummy feels kinda weird in the middle of the night and you decided to take a dump, then suddenly the power shuts down and you don’t know where to get the TP.

You got stuck there until the lights go on again. Or you go back to sleeping without cleaning up? Definitely a choice between a rock and a hard place.

Lucky for us, some genius out there invented this cutting edge product. The Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper!

It’s hypoallergenic so just wipe your troubles away!

Goosh Pants

Want a pair of pants that makes you look like you soiled yourself?

Then try the Goosh Pants!

Basically, it’s a pair of white trousers with a realistic pee print all over it. Need to say more?

Infant Circumcision Trainer

We all know that circumcision is very hard to perform when you’re not trained enough.

How can you practice your craft everyday?

Here’s a budget friendly solution for you. Introducing the Infant Circumcision Trainer.

Comes with 5 different sizes and 5 different colors so you can achieve that perfect cut everytime, all the time!

Have you enjoyed reading this list? Stay tuned for the 2nd batch of the weirdest and the most bizarre things being sold in Amazon. See ya!

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